Build the future of financial system with us

Mining facilities with hosting services, maintenance, and technical support.

Join our revolutionary self-sustainable Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Eco-system by purchasing our products which include hosted miners with presale coin packages.

Advantages of our services include mining directly on our multipool platform and withdrawal of your funds through our Crypto-Bank-Exchange.

Our Services

  • Receive consultation from experts and choose your future financial plans supported by our insured and guaranteed contracts.
  • Clients can choose to mine our own exchange supported ASIC cryptocurrencies for high profits and ROI or well-established coins like BTC, ETH, DASH, ZCASH, CKB etc
  • Additional features include video surveillance livestream of your miners at any time, exact GPS location, remote access to miners, full technical support with professional advice from our experts.
  • Clients may also become affiliates with referral links and bounty rewards for a wide range of our services and products.
  • Visit our Libertas offices Globally and be informed about our Miner Ownership and Hashrate packages.
  • We provide you with in-depth calculations assuring your ROI and long-term profitability. You will receive a signed contract with insurance on devices, certificate of ownership.
  • Our services include maintenance, technical support and electricity monthly costs. Use our unique opportunity for customer protection plans with guaranteed buy back options.
  • Get expert advisory and educational courses for new clients with account creation services
  • Our self-sustainable Eco-system offer a wide range of opportunities for our clients to join a journey of creating new global digital financial systems with possibilities of outstanding profits for those who choose to participate and be among investors dedicated to success.

Our Offerings


  • The last 10 years has been a social experiment that justified the relevance and necessity of blockchain mining.
  • Now it’s time for industry-ready solutions. Connecting business and blockchain technology requires a mining farm of a new generation.
  • We at Libertas have built an energy efficient solution on the worlds fastest platforms that relies on the latest technological hardware, Artificial Intelligent machine learning and strong industry knowledge with the depth of expertise.